Last known location: London, England

Just over a month to go!

Our departure date has finally been set, so after months (years, really!) of planning, it’s all becoming very real.  We leave London from Luton airport (the glamour!) on 5th October and make our way to Riga, Latvia, for the start of our journey.  We stay one night in Riga; the Tiger Hostel, no less, complete with tiger print bedspreads, curtains etc.!  From there we make our way to St Petersburg, Russia, via the overnight train.  We’ll be in the “Venice of the North” for 2 nights, staying in another glamorous hostel and trying to squeeze in as many sights as we can.  Apparently St Petersburg is Europe’s 4th largest city so there’s lots to see.

From St Petersburg we take another overnight train, this time to Moscow.  Hopefully by this point we’ll be a bit more used to sleeping on the move and Dan will have managed to find out a way to fit his body onto the vertically challenged beds!  Another 2 nights in Moscow and then we board the Trans-Siberian train to take us all the way to China.  At least we hope that’s what happening, because we can’t read a word on the train tickets we received, apart from our names!

If you want to see a bit more about where we hope to end up and when then have a look at our “Future Plans” page which we’ll update as we work our way around the world!

To keep in contact whilst we’re away then have a look at the details on the “Contact Us” page, we’ll hopefully be on Skype from time to time (see our status in the top right), but other than that it’s probably best to email us to save yourselves a fortune on phone bills!

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  1. Rhian 29 Aug, 2010

    Wow Gem – this all looks and sounds so exctiting. I’m very jealous! xx

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