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3 days left!

So, the countdown is really on now.  Just 3 days to sort out all the last minute bits and pieces we’ve been putting off doing.

We both finished work on the 24th – fairly eventful last weeks which made it even easier to deal with all thoughts of unemployment!

The leaving party took place last weekend.  Loads of friends made it to say goodbye so thanks to all of those who came.  It obviously ended up with some drunken dancing in a cheesy club.  And a lost pair of shoes and coat for me, but at least it’s one less thing to worry about fitting into my parents loft!  Not mentioning any names, but I hope the girls who fell over a few times over the course of the evening have recovered and don’t have too badly bruised knees!  It was lots of fun and good  to get in a last night of dancing before we set off!

We moved out of our flat on Thursday, which was pretty painful!  It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate over 4 years!  Our parents have very kindly taken on most of our belongings so we don’t have to worry about storage, thank God.

Packing has commenced in earnest although I, in particular, am having issues with fitting my life into a relatively small rucksack.  Most of you will be surprised to know it isn’t really the clothes that’s the problem – it’s all of the “essential” extras that I apparently cannot do without.  And I don’t mean hair straighteners and make-up; all of that is being left behind.  (Poor Dan!)  Between the two of us we’ve got it all; washing line, mosquito repellent, universal plug adaptor, chargers for phones, camera and netbook, travel Scrabble, first aid kit, contact lenses, wet wipes….the list goes on!  Still, it WILL all fit in, even if it means wearing half of the clothes I’m taking for the whole trip on the flight out.  I have no doubt, either, that after a month most of what we take will have been discarded because it isn’t actually essential.  But for now it’s coming with us!

So, we’re more or  less ready to go.  Visas obtained, currency exchanged and goodbye’s said.  Please remember to give us any last minute words of wisdom and travel / accommodation tips as we’re en route.  In return we’ll post loads of pictures and news just to keep you all amused!


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