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Shortcut Paraguay

Paraguay didn’t really feature on our list of must-see destinations before we left, but from Iguazu we could either retrace our steps south through Argentina or take a short-cut via Asuncion, one of the oldest cities in South America, and tick another country off the list at the same time – so off we went! We caught a local bus from Puerto Iguazu to Ciudad del Este, which is on the other side of the river in Paraguay and reached via a short trip to Brazil. The bus first stopped at Argentine immigration where everyone piled off to get their passports checked, and then crossed the Rio Iguacu to Foz do Iguacu, the Brazilian town on the triple frontier. After 15 minutes or so we crossed another bridge and arrived in Ciudad del Este. There were no such border formalities this side and we had to trudge back to the border post to get our entry stamps – missing these apparently means a hefty bribe on exiting the country, so we made sure to go back! Click here to read more…