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Route 50: Through the Mid-West

Following our custard breakfast we left St Louis via the Bridge and almost immediately entered Illinois. Once we were out of town the 50 took us across miles of pancake flat farmlands, acres of corn and soybeans as far as the eye can see, with a small town dotting the roadside every 10 miles or so.  The flat prairie immediately east of St Louis is known as Little Egypt, because of its fertile alluvial soil, hence the vast number of farms. One of the first significant towns we passed through (after inadvertently going the wrong way for about 10 miles!) was Lebanon, which had lots of Victorian-era buildings and antique shops. We stopped for a picnic lunch by Carlyle Lake, which was a picturesque spot. There’s a big dam towards the west part of the lake, and a posh looking boat club. Click here to read more…