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Fishy Feet and Tiring Temples

After our never ending boat journey from Battambang, we arrived at Siem Reap docks. This is about 10km out of town so we had to get a tuk-tuk to the centre. There were about a dozen tuk-tuk drivers all offering to take us for $1, which isn’t bad value, but the trade-off is that they then want you to hire them to spend the next day touring the temples at Angkor Wat – the main (possibly only) reason for visiting the town in the first place. We had no intention of agreeing to this, but somehow got guilt-tripped into to it by our driver – he seemed friendly and spoke good English, so we didn’t mind too much and agreed a price for the day and a pickup time.

In the middle of Siem Reap are a couple of nice little streets with plenty of good Khmer and Western restaurants, so we had a quick dinner there and then both had a fish massage. I think it’s almost compulsory for anyone who’s been to Thailand, and it seems to have made it to Siem Reap. You basically put you feet in a fish tank, and dozens of tiny little fish nibble off the dead skin and other attached mank! It tickles a bit at first but feels quite nice after a while. We weren’t convinced by the result, but we did get a free beer so not too many complaints! Click here to read more…