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Route 50: The Gateway to the West

G: After dropping David at the airport Dan and I continued our journey. We made a quick stop at Spearville to check out the impressive wind farm they’d built and then continued to Kinsley, otherwise known as Midway USA. This town lies equidistant from New York and San Francisco: 1,561 miles from either place. This geographical fact is pointed out by a large sign which we duly stopped to snap!

Continuing on through very flat, empty cornfields we detoured off route again, this time headed for Wichita to meet an old friend, Brian. I was rather concerned we wouldn’t make it because there was a large hurricane in the area, and the wind was really strong and blowing the car about – there were a few tornado warnings in force as well but we managed to avoid seeing any. Fairly common at this time of year in this part of the country, which is right in the middle of Tornado Alley, but we made it through safely thanks to Dan’s expert driving! Click here to read more…