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Prayers and Pork Buns

From Kuala Lumpur we took the short bus journey south to Melaka, a port town and another colonial outpost from days gone by. At various times it has been ruled by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British all of whom left their mark, and, if you believe the museums, did their best to run the place into the ground in different ways!

Like everywhere in Malaysia the town was a mixture of Chinese, Tamils, and Malays with some Portuguese thrown in, along with Chittys and Peranakan (varying mixtures of the above!). We were staying in Chinatown, but on a short walk down our street we heard the bells from the church, passed the Chinese temple which seemed to be burning a huge crate of incense all at once, as well as a Hindu temple and a Mosque blasting out the call for prayer. In short, quite a mixture of cultures! Click here to read more…