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One Night in Busan

We took the six-hour ferry from Fukuoka to Busan, simply for the purpose of getting cheap flights, but an hour or so into the journey we regretted it slightly as the wind got up and our dreaded sea-sickness returned! We turned down all offers of fish-based food from our Korean room-mates and resorted to watching a film on our laptop to pass the time.

We arrived in Busan slightly green, and found it to be fairly similar to Japan, just with possibly even larger neon signs written in a different script! The place we’d booked to stay in turned out basically to be a hostel run out of some bloke’s flat, but it was on the 15th floor with good views and he was very helpful with some good recommendations for Korean barbeque, which he told us we had to try if we only had one night in Korea.

If you haven’t had it, Korean barbeque involves cooking the meat yourselves over an open flame in the middle of the table. This sounds easy enough but we created so much smoke that someone from a neighbouring table had to come and give us a demonstration! And, to add to our embarrassment, our metal grill was replaced with a new one because we’d burnt the previous one so badly!  It was all very tasty though, if a little charred!

After exploring the lights of Busan for an hour or so we headed home, and at 10am the next day our 18 hour stay in Korea was over. Next stop Vietnam!

  1. John 30 Nov, 2010

    You must get some tablets for any time you come into contact with more than a litre of water! For Gemma I think it’s genetic, I don’t know Dans excuse.
    No one can say you are not trying everything.
    Did you enquire what you were barbecuing? Koreans are famous for eating Dog.
    Light snow in GX today.
    100 people were stuck overnight in a train from London to Kent!
    You should slow down and get some R&R in Vietnam.

  2. Rose 30 Nov, 2010

    Has Dan had a recent haircut? There never seem to be any Europeans in your photos! Is it just because it’s not the tourist season or are you visiting places where few Europeans go? Are you getting my emails Gem?


    Mum x x x

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