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LA-LA Land

After Dan managed to successfully drive us to LA he was keen to relax with a strong drink. I can’t imagine why, it’s not like I’m a nervous passenger or anything! We quickly checked into our downtown hostel, Stay, which was very modern and funky and managed to make it to a bar a couple of blocks away in time for a happy hour drink. Obviously, being in LA, I was on celebrity watch. And who should we see in the first bar we went to? None other than Sean Maguire! For those of you who don’t know him, (where have you been?!) he was that Irish kid in Eastenders about 15 years ago and has also “starred” in a US sitcom called Eve. Amazingly Dan was unimpressed with my celeb-spot but I personally was thrilled, our first bar and we’d already seen a celeb! I admit he’s not exactly A List but still…! Unfortunately Sean was our one and only spot so nothing more to report on that front! Click here to read more…