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The Bridge on the River Kwai

We had a long day of travelling ahead of us when we left the islands and headed back north to Kanchanaburi. First it was a plane to Bangkok, then a trip on the subway into the city, a taxi ride to the river, a five minute ferry to the opposite bank, then lastly a train to our final destination! Everything went surprisingly smoothly, although the train was very slow, stopping in all sorts of places it wasn’t supposed to, and we arrived at least an hour late. Rose managed to pass the time by chatting to locals, including a woman who claimed she was a nun and had left the convent that morning!

Kanchanaburi is best known as the location of the Bridge on the River Kwai, part of the railway line between Thailand and Burma built by Allied POWs during the second world war, and made famous in the book and film of the same name, so most of the tourist sights were connected to the railway and its construction. Click here to read more…