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Beach Bums

From Chiang Mai we flew down to Phuket with the intention of having a few relaxing days beachside.  And that’s pretty much what happened!

Fortunately for us, Mums’ friends Lynn and Bob happened to be staying in Phuket for a fortnight’s holiday.  They had a 2 bedroom apartment in a fabulous resort so we crashed their party for a couple of nights – thanks again for having us guys!  Phuket has some stunning beaches, and after our first night at the luxurious resort we headed over to the beach to spend the day sunning ourselves!  Phuket is very hot and humid, 30+ every day, so we were very happy not to be bothering with any sight-seeing and instead just lounging on the beach, occasionally venturing into the sea when the heat became too much!

We stayed on the beach that evening for dinner, and got to watch another beautiful sunset.  After a delicious meal and a few too many glasses of wine, we headed back to the resort courtesy of Mr Lucky, Lynn and Bob’s favourite taxi driver! Click here to read more…