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Москва, Россия

Still struggling to get to grips with the Cyrillic alphabet, the above is “Moscow, Russia” for those who don’t know it (including us!). So far we’ve mastered Кафе (cafe), Бар (bar) and Ресторан (restaurant), but not much else!

Despite that, we managed to make it from Moscow to St Petersburg on the train, on The Krasnaya Strela (Red Arrow). It was far more luxurious than our previous overnight train. We had a cabin with two other people, a comfortable bed that I could almost fit in and announcements in English from someone who’d clearly taken English lessons at Buckingham Palace. The other two people in our compartment were English, the first we’d met in Russia; a Bristolian couple called Dan & Sarah doing a similar trip to us which was nice. Managed to get some sleep and were in a half decent state when we arrived in Moscow at 8am. Click here to read more…