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Shanghai Skyscrapers

We arrived in Shanghai on Saturday afternoon and decided that the best way to get our bearings would be to take in the view from one of the city’s many skyscrapers. After checking into our hostel, which was again more like a hotel but at hostel prices, we headed off on the metro to the Jin Mao Tower, which has an observation deck on

the 88th floor. There were amazing views of rest of the city across the river and of the neighbouring skyscrapers in the Pudong district. The one slightly alarming thing up there, which made even Gem feel slightly queasy, was the view down inside the tower itself; a hotel occupies from the 54th floor upwards, and you can see 34 floors down all the way to the lobby from the observation floor!

We headed back across the river through the bund sightseeing tunnel, which was odd experience to say the least. You went through in little pods with a light and sound show which was supposed to make you feel as if you were going to the centre of the earth. The translation for the voiceover wasn’t that great though so it didn’t make that much sense, but was quite fun anyway! Click here to read more…