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Choripan and Cocktails

The 20 hour bus ride to Cordoba was, predictably, horrific, and took about 22 hours.  Dan got hardly any sleep, and must have looked so uncomfortable that the assistant driver took pity on him at 4 in the morning and upgraded him to business class, on the lower deck!  Fortunately he did manage to get a couple of hours of shut eye in the superior seats.  Poor old me was left in cattle class, but I’d already out slept him so can’t complain!

Once we’d finally made it to Cordoba all we wanted to do was have a shower and stretch our legs a bit. We hoped our digs, at the Pomelo Hostel, would at least let us shower even if it was too early to get our room. We got a taxi from the bus terminal and rang the doorbell to be let in. No answer. We tried again but still nothing. Deciding that maybe they weren’t expecting us that early we went to a cafe down the road and had a coffee before returning at 10ish to try again. Still nothing. I was tired, so got a bit annoyed and shouted up “Hola!” in the hope this would catch someone’s attention. We even tried calling the phone number. Very frustrating because we could hear the phone ringing inside the building but no one was picking up! We were a bit worried the hostel had closed or something. Click here to read more…