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Mountains and Memorials

After 5 nights in Tokyo we were ready for a break from the neon and crowds, and were getting a bit claustrophobic in our tiny hotel room! We caught the bullet train back South to Hiroshima, our longest trip in Japan so far at 5 hours, but it was as easy as usual and flew by – much like the scenery outside!

Our hostel in Hiroshima was very new, and seemed to have been set up in an office block! Our room was huge but very sparse, with bright white strip lighting and office blinds. Comfortable enough though and nice to have some space! That evening we had little wander around the city, which is quite compact, and as you might expect quite modern. There was quite a wide range of restaurants, and we actually ended up going for an Indian – Chicken Tikka Masala went down very well after a while without curry! Click here to read more…