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The Three Gorges

We crawled out of bed at 6am to catch minibus to Chongqing for our river cruise, which was a bit of a struggle after 4 hours sleep and a few too many beers the night before! We’d arranged it through our hostel, who’d booked everything with a local travel agent. The details were all a bit vague, but the plan was that we’d be taken to Chongqing, where we’d meet up with the cruise company who would then transport us to Wanzhou to board a boat which would take us through the Three Gorges to Yichang.

We got on the minibus in a bit of daze, to find it full of luggage and locals – there were no seats so we plonked ourselves on the floor, which didn’t seem too promising for a four hour journey! Five minutes later however, we stopped at the side of the road and our driver pointed us towards a coach that was parked there. We hopped on to find it again full of locals. They seemed to be made up of two tour groups, and as Gem went straight back to sleep I had to answer all their questions; whether they understood the answers or not I have no idea. Click here to read more…


North to St Petersburg

On arrival at Baltiyskiy Station we thought we’d avoid the temptation of a taxi and get the Metro to our hostel.  At the ticket booth we indicated we wanted two tickets to Nevsky Prospekt station. The woman stared at us blankly and said something in Russian we couldn’t understand.  After a couple more vain attempts to communicate we decided to give up; a small queue was forming behind us and it was rush hour, so we opted for the taxi after all! We tried to barter with the taxi driver – another fail! Still, we got him to turn the meter on so hopefully didn’t get too badly ripped off.

Got to the hostel at about 10am, luckily our room was ready so we checked in and dumped our stuff.  We avoided the temptation to go straight to bed after the previous night and just had a much needed hot shower before wrapping up warm and heading out into the city.  God knows how we’ll survive on a train for 6 nights – after just one we were walking around in a daze! Click here to read more…