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New York, New York

G: On Sunday morning we checked out of our Washington hotel and made out way to the rather lovely Union Station to catch our train to New York.  Fortunately we’d booked the train when we’d arrived in Vegas – the US train booking system is almost as complicated as at home, which means the earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket.  I noticed a guy in our line who had the same ticket as us but had paid $150; quite a lot more than our $50.  The AMTRAK train was very comfortable and had enormous seats with loads of legroom – quite the treat for Dan!  Around 2.5 hours later, after passing through a lot of industrial looking scenery, we arrived at Penn Station, New York City.  It felt pretty weird knowing that this was the last stop on our amazing trip, but I think New York was a cool place to end our journey. Click here to read more…