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The Great Wall of Forbidden Duck

We arrived in Beijing on Monday afternoon very much in need of a shower and some clean clothes, so we headed straight for our hotel. The metro in Beijing was far easier than either of the Russian ones we’d been on, with English signs, announcements etc, so we made it without too much hassle and a bargain 19p each! Spent most of the afternoon scrubbing ourselves down and unpacking and then headed out for some food. Not for the first time we sought out somewhere from one of our guidebooks only to find a building site in it’s place! We ended up in a dingey little backstreet place behind the hotel, where the staff spoke no English and the menu was all in Chinese, but we managed to order through a mixture of pointing and sign language! Ended up with far too much food but it was delicious after the Russian stodge, although a rat did run under Gem’s chair and into a hole in the wall at one point, which put us off the food a bit!  Luckily we’d pretty much finished by then so we didn’t leave hungry! Click here to read more…