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Sun, Sea and Vietnamese Rum

After a few days in Hoi An we decided it was time for a trip to the beach for the first time since leaving home. Our plan was to head for Mui Ne, on the south eastern coast, one of the quieter beach resorts, and we were left with the option of either a 24 hour overnight bus ride for about £10 each, or a £16 flight with a night in Saigon. We obviously went for the flight, so after a day spent travelling, a stop for some sleep in Saigon, and a 4 hour bus ride we arrived in Mui Ne.

We’d booked a room, but unfortunately ended up getting off the bus at completely the wrong end of the town, which is just a narrow strip between the beach and the road stretching for about 5 miles. After trudging down the road with our backpacks for 40 minutes in the blazing sun we finally arrived, dumped our stuff, and got straight in the pool! We didn’t move very far for the rest of the day, other than from the pool to the sunloungers, or to the bar to get another cold drink!

That was pretty much how we spent the next three days – there was a narrow beach to sit on when the tide was out and we did go for a brief swim in the sea which was warmer than the pool! We also went for a massage at a place across the street – I had a Vietnamese massage which involved a tiny Vietnamese man kneeling on the backs of my legs and twisting my back into very odd positions. Not exactly relaxing – I felt like I’d been loosened up for a football match! Gem had a treatment that involved a lot of yoghurt and cucumber being put all over her face, which was apparently not bad! We also managed to find a restaurant serving good steak and mojitos, both a rarity in Vietnam, so we ate there a few times.

Our last night in Mui Ne was a Friday, and a beach bar down the road was advertising their birthday event, so we went and had a look. It was quite lively, unlike seemingly everywhere else in town, so ended up staying for quite a while. They were serving buckets of rum and coke – think bucket and spade type bucket, with half a bottle of Vietnamese rum topped up with coke and ice. We only had one, but the 5 hour bus journey back to Saigon the next day was not a fun experience for me, although Gem seemed to be fine! Still, it had been nice to have a few days relaxing with nothing much to see or do!

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