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Winter Wonderland

We left Vietnam on 16th December to head back to England for my brothers wonderful winter wedding!  Despite the snow the day went without a hitch and the bride looked stunning!

It was a bit of a shock to return to such cold temperatures.  When our plane landed at Heathrow it started to snow quite heavily – I think if we’d have left Vietnam any later we may not have made it back in time

for the wedding!  The snow was very pretty but quite annoying after a while – it meant I was unable to see some friends and generally slowed everything down a bit!

Christmas was great – Dan and I both got the chance to catch with up family and didn’t seem to stop eating and drinking the whole time we were home.  The brief trip back also meant we could rearrange our backpacks and dump some of the cold weather gear in favour for summer clothes. Yay!

Before too long we were headed back to warmer climes – let the travels recommence!

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