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Iguazu Interlude

The main reason most people come to Puerto Iguazu is to see the world famous Iguazu Iguazu Falls, Argentina (28)[3]Falls. We’d heard amazing things about the park and felt we couldn’t come to this part of the world without visiting. Because of all the tourists you’d expect Puerto Iguazu to be a really busy town but it’s actually quite a sleepy place. There are lots of backpackers, but most are there for just a day or two before moving on. We walked around town to find somewhere to stay and ended up at Hostel Sweet Hostel, a nice enough place with a pool and a bar area. Pretty cheap, too, compared to some places. Click here to read more…


Luang Prabang: Wats and Waterfalls

After the nauseating bus journey through the mountains to get to Luang Prabang we checked into our hotel – the lovely Villa Laodeum.  We ended up watching the end of the Murray – Ferrer match in our room instead of getting out and exploring but it was quite an exciting one!  Afterwards we headed out for dinner in a restaurant on Luang Prabang’s main street.  There are a lot more tourists here than previous places we’ve been to in Laos and you can see why.  The town is beautiful, surrounded by river and mountains, with gorgeous old colonial buildings.  It’s very nicely done – most streets are lined with pretty fairly lights in the evening and there are lovely cafes with mod cons but decorated in a traditional style. Click here to read more…