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One Night in Busan

We took the six-hour ferry from Fukuoka to Busan, simply for the purpose of getting cheap flights, but an hour or so into the journey we regretted it slightly as the wind got up and our dreaded sea-sickness returned! We turned down all offers of fish-based food from our Korean room-mates and resorted to watching a film on our laptop to pass the time.

We arrived in Busan slightly green, and found it to be fairly similar to Japan, just with possibly even larger neon signs written in a different script! The place we’d booked to stay in turned out basically to be a hostel run out of some bloke’s flat, but it was on the 15th floor with good views and he was very helpful with some good recommendations for Korean barbeque, which he told us we had to try if we only had one night in Korea. Click here to read more…